Below is a selection of reviews of Gunter’s Vegan Cakes and his e-book, “The Passionate Way of Vegan Baking”.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Your words will help to inform others about what to expect from the recipes.

We particularly welcome reviews of Gunter’s eBook and his recipes. You can share with the world, your experience of baking one of Gunter’s vegan cakes, how it turned out and / or which recipes you’re planning to try next!

Alternatively, if you were lucky enough to be baked for, you could tell us about the taste, the occasion and why it was so special for you!

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  1. purpleSol Says:

    I loved your Blueberry Cheesecake Gunter…. gonna try to make one soon!

  2. Alice Leonard Says:

    Gunter, you’re a genius! I am so excited to try these recipes and share the results with my friends and family.

    There are a lot of vegan cookbooks around these days, but I think yours is a particularly valuable addition – thank you!

  3. Linda & Craig Says:

    Gunter, our 3 tier chocolate mud Wedding Cake was a huge hit!! Everyone went back for seconds and left us nothing to take home. The cake was every bit as moist and delicious as it looked. Thank you so much!

  4. Rhonda Says:

    Gunter, such a delight to indulge in the heavenly Frankfurter slice. Unbelievably, it tasted even better than it looked

  5. Donna Says:

    have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the taste testing(even though the odd one was slipped by me).I just have one thing to say MMMMM,MMMMM, are sensational!!!!

  6. Lou-Ellen Says:

    Gunter… where do i start. I don’t know which recipe i liked the best as i have tried many and they are all second to none. Keep up the good work, looking forward to trying all your recipes, and i will be sure to let all my cake loving friends know about your website. yum yum.

  7. Sylvia & Maurice Says:

    Gunter, I made a batch of Orange Biscuits and they are just delish!! The grandchildren loved them too!! I am looking forward to making the flan for Christmas. Thanks for allowing us to taste test your goodies (over the fence) and thanks for your tips and ideas about baking these delicious gems. All the very best for the festive season and to a fantastic 2010.

  8. Norbert Gessner (Germany) Says:

    Hallo Gunter,
    ich konnte gestern auf meiner kleinen Party meinen ersten “Lemon Cheesecake” präsentieren. Die Gäste waren genauso fasziniert wie ich.
    Das Rezept hat natürlich super geklappt =) Es war total easy. Rezept super beschrieben. Ich musste es zwar erst übersetzen, aber das habe ich geschafft 😉 Danach ging alles ganz einfach. Hab mich genau an die Rezeptanweisungen gehalten und tadaaaa…fertig war der Käsekuchen =)

    Geschmeckt hat der Käsekuchen sooo lecker. Selbst meinem Vater, dem kein Käsekuchen gut genug ist, hat gesagt, dass er spitze schmecke! Von der Festigkeit super klasse. Und sehr zitronig, was mir sehr gut gefallen hat.

    Das war sicher nicht mein letzter Kuchen 😉

    Vegane Grüße vom Norbert aus Deutschland

  9. Norbert Gessner (Germany) Says:

    My latest achievement! An extended version of Gunter’s “German Bienenstich”. The “Wespenstich” with cherries!!!
    This cake was also no problem for me to bake. Gunter’s instructions are quite clearly and everthing works.

    My only one-banana problem is, that Gunter always uses 22cm forms. My springform is 28 cm, so I have to expand the recipes to get or example more dough. But this Problem is relly easy to solve.

    Resume: The Bienenstich is also a very delicious cake and from recipe to recipe I’m learning more. I started to bake cakes, cookies and other things about 2 weeks ago. I like it and Gunter’s recipes help me a lot to have feelings of success.

    vegan greetings from germany

  10. Regina Says:

    Hi Gunter, I’ve made the sponge flan yesterday and it came out perfect! Soo easy to make as well. Everyone of our visitors today enjoyed it. Will surely make it many more times.
    Have also finally tried the plum cake with the yeast cake recipe you emailed to me – another great recipe. I’ve followed your example and added streusel as a topping.
    Looking forward to seeing the recipe for the Apricot Stollen – it looks yummy!

  11. Di Says:

    Success with the strawberry flan!! Doesn’t look as artistic as yours but even I could follow the instructions and get it right. I just got confused about the sponge flan. When I read “prepared” I thought I could just buy one ready-made. Didn’t read far enough down the page. I’ve now found the Sponge Flan recipe and will try that for the next one. Looks easy.

    Thanks again for your help and the correct ingredients.

  12. Sol Says:

    Glad to see everyone enjoying the recipes 🙂

  13. Steven Says:

    Wow! I noticed a review of your book in the (UK) Vegan Society Magazine and checked out your website. All the photos look absolutely stunning, and the recipes very exciting.

    The review said that the recipes were inspired by those your mother baked. Well my fondest memory of growing up food-wise is my mothers Lemon Meringue Pie, and as a vegan of 25 years that is the one thing I miss most.

    I am therefore amazed and very excited to see that you have a Lemon Meringue Pie recipe, and that will be the first I will try, though I’m sure I’ll soon be making many of the others with my own children.

    Two questions.

    Firstly, will this amazing book ever be available in print?

    Secondly, I note that you live in NSW and have/had a cafe. My partner recently moved to Sydney, do you still have a cafe, or sell any of your baked goods? If so I’m sure she would be a regular customer.

  14. wolfgang planz Says:

    I have just discovered your amazing work and will be spreading it here in the US ! Vielen Dank Guenter !

  15. Debbie from US Says:

    I bought Gunter’s ebook and just love it. I tried several recipes now and everytime it turned out wonderful. I bought the ingredients in the US. Dr. Oetker brands are the ones I use and they are available in ethnic supermarkets. There is no problem finding Soyatoo also. Most of the health food stores near me carries it.
    The hazelnut cakes are yummy. The Morello Cherry Flan was a success! Everyone loves it. I found Morello Cherry in Trader Joe’s. The Black Forest Torte was hmm…hmmm….hmmm…very good! The best vegan torte I have ever made. I want to try to sponge flan recipe with the fruit topping next.

    The recipes are clear and correct. The pictures are awesome. Glad that I bought this ebook! Congratulations Gunter and thank you for the recipes! I am having fun trying your recipes


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