Gunter’s vegan cake recipes are 100% authentic and guaranteed to make your mouth water and your tummy rumble with delight!  You’ll probably find that you get more frequent visits from your friends who are all dying to know “When are you baking next?” and “What cake are you going to bake?”!

All of the recipes in Gunter’s vegan cake e-book are straightforward.  Each cake recipe is laid out in a neat and easy to read manner, with clear, easy to follow instructions and great photo’s of the cake. On many of the recipes, there are helpful “how to” photo’s too. You can see a wide selection of the recipe photos below (note: loads a slideshow. Broadband recommended).

We worked really hard to make the e-book easy to follow and easy to understand. We want you to really enjoy our recipes – because we know that when you do, you’ll want to tell your friends how excellent our vegan cake recipes are, how much fun you had making them, and of course, how delicious these egg and dairy free cakes really taste!

There is no doubt about it, Gunter’s Vegan Cakes are totally “to live for”!

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coconut triangles chocolate hazelnut rings apple turnovers Blueberry Cheesecake Frankfurter Slice French Pear and Almond Cake Kiwi and Gooseberry Torte Chocolate Hazelnut Ring
French Pear and Almond Cake