Gunter’s first inspiration to bake came in his early childhood.

He was inspired by his mother’s love of baking traditional German biscuits, cakes and Tortes.

Gunter - The Author

Gunter - The Author

Gunter took up a Pastry Chef apprenticeship in 1971 and when he immigrated to Australia in 1987, he started his catering business “Gunter’s Gourmet Gateau” and later, “Gunter’s Cafe and Continental Cake Shop” on the South Coast of NSW.

In 1999 his dedication to a vegan diet inspired him to continue his passion for baking and adapting traditional recipes to his vegan lifestyle.

The recipes in Gunter’s new e-book are all his own work and have been developed to perfection over the last 10 years.

These delightful, mouth watering recipes are perfect for all occasions, can be easily prepared by anyone, and are sure to be a hit with everyone – not just vegans and vegetarians.

Gunter’s Vegan Cake recipes will satisfy a wide range of people, including anyone with lactose intolerance, egg allergies and those whose diet follow strict religious or spirituality lifestyle diets.

Take Gunter’s Vegan Cake challenge today and enjoy a whole new, delicious and healthy way of eating!